With 69 years of experience, Owen King maintains safe travel across the bridges we restore as well as the ones we build.

Our Services:
General Contractors
Concrete Structures
Bridge Maintenance & Repairs
Bridge Washing & Inspection
Dam Maintenance & Repairs
Temporary Concrete Barriers
Used Structural Steel
Float Service
Flat Beds and Dump Trucks
Crane Service

R.R. #2, Box 104
87 Brant Sideroad 15
Walkerton, Ontario
N0G 2V0
Phone:      519-881-1771
Toll Free:  1-800-265-7448
Fax:     519-881-1585
email: info@owenkinglimited.com
owen King Limited is committed to completing creative and efficient solutions to our client's requests, on time, on budget, and safely. We are a flexible and dedicated contractor acting with enthusiasm and loyalty to employees, clients, subcontractors, and the communities in which we do business.

Owen King Limited is committed to preserving our natural resources and we take great care not to disturb wildlife or waterways to the best of our abilities.  Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working with you on your future endeavour.  -  Richard King, P.Eng.
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